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Eco Resorts in Spain: 8 Sustainable Hotels for Conscious Travelers (2024 Guide)

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Wondering if there are any eco resorts in Spain? The answer is yes!

If you want to support sustainable tourism, Spain offers a variety of eco-friendly places to stay that are both environmentally conscious and comfortable. These accommodations range from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts, all of which prioritize sustainability and minimize their impact on the environment.

Here are our picks for the best eco resorts, sustainable hotels, and eco-friendly places to stay in Spain. 

Best Eco Resorts & Hotels in Spain 

Mas Salagros Eco Resort (Barcelona)

An amazing eco resort in Spain is Mas Salagros Eco Resort, a luxurious eco-hotel that offers organic cuisine, yoga classes, and thermal baths. Located just outside Barcelona, this hotel is the first certified organic hotel in Spain dedicated to providing a truly eco-conscious experience for its guests.

The resort implements a wide range of sustainable practices, from using renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies to water conservation measures and waste recycling initiatives. The architecture and design of the hotel are carefully planned to maximize natural lighting and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling.

A stay here wouldn’t be complete without indulging in organic gastronomy at the resort’s three restaurants, where locally sourced, seasonal ingredients take center stage. What’s more, the spa at Mas Salagros offers organic treatments and therapies so that you can enjoy a rejuvenating and environmentally-friendly wellness experience.

With its lush gardens, serene natural surroundings, and commitment to sustainable tourism, Mas Salagros Eco Resort is a true oasis for eco tourism in Spain and it’s ideal for travellers seeking relaxation, luxury, and responsible practices.

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Refugio Marnes (Alicante)

One of the most popular eco-friendly places to stay in Spain is Refugio Marnes in Bennisa, located near Alicante. This rural retreat is nestled in the foothills of the Bernia Mountains and offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The owners of Refugio Marnes have implemented various sustainability measures, including using solar panels for electricity and hot water, using rainwater for irrigation, and composting organic waste. Additionally, the accommodation is built with locally sourced materials and features traditional architecture, which adds to its charm and authenticity.

This sustainable rural resort is a unique and authentic experience for eco-conscious travellers in Spain.

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Hotel Spa Sierra de Cazorla (Cazorla)

For an eco holiday in the Andalucia region, check out Hotel Spa Sierra de Cazorla, a cozy and eco-friendly hotel located near the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park. The natural park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Spain which means the hotel is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including forests, rivers, and mountains — perfect for nature lovers!

This eco resort in Spain promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness in several ways. The hotel features energy-efficient lighting, water-saving measures, and responsible waste management. There’s also minimal use of single-use plastics. It also supports the local economy by sourcing regionally produced ingredients for its restaurant, Los Templarios.

While here, you can indulge in the hotel’s spa which has amenities like solar-heated hydrotherapy pool, flotarium, massage cabins, and saunas. The hotel’s close proximity to Sierra de Cazorla means there are lots of pportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities, so that you fully immerse yourself in the area’s natural beauty.

With its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area and providing guests with an eco-friendly experience, Hotel Spa Sierra de Cazorla is a haven for nature lovers and conscientious travelers seeking tranquility in harmony with the environment.

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Hotel Brummell (Barcelona)

Spain’s eco resorts and hotels can be found in many locations, even bustling city centers! For an eco stay in Barcelona, check out Hotel Brummell, a stylish and eco-friendly boutique hotel located in the heart of Barcelona. The 20-room hotel features modern furniture and artwork by young European designers, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

What sets Hotel Brummell apart is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The hotel is 100% powered by renewable energy and features energy-efficient lighting and water-saving measures. They’ve also minimized the use of single use plastics on the premises.

During your stay, you can enjoy the hotel’s outdoor pool, garden, and sauna, all while knowing that you’re staying in an eco-friendly hotel that prioritizes sustainable travel. You also get access to free yoga classes during your stay!

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or a stylish base for exploring Barcelona, Hotel Brummell is the perfect choice for eco-conscious travelers.

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Cuevas Helena (Benamaurel)

Looking for an eco-friendly place to stay in Spain that’s unique? Look no further than Cuevas Helena, located in the countryside in Granada, Andalucia. 

This unique and eco-friendly cave hotel is built into the natural landscape, with rooms carved into the rock, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. By utilizing existing caves rather than constructing traditional buildings, the property minimizes its impact on the environment. The caves naturally maintain a comfortable temperature, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, thus saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Cuevas Helena also implements eco-conscious initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint. Energy-saving lighting in installed and there are water conservation measures in place to ensure responsible water usage throughout the property. There are also bins for recycling and minimal use of single-use plastics.

Thanks to its location, you can enjoy various nature-based activities in the area, such as guided hikes, cycling tours, and birdwatching, allowing you to connect with the environment in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Cuevas Helena’s unique style and its commitment to eco-friendly practices makes it the perfect choice for conscious travellers looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation in Spain.

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Pro tip: To look for green accommodation, choose the “Sustainability” filter on the platform. It’ll show you sustainable places to stay in your chosen location.

Mar De Fulles (Valencia)

Located in Alfondegilla, near Valencia, Mar De Fulles is a hidden gem that offers a unique and sustainable travel experience. This eco resort is nestled within the lush natural surroundings of the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, providing guests with a tranquil retreat that embraces eco-conscious practices.

Mar De Fulles is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and preserving the natural beauty of the area. The lodge is constructed using sustainable materials and features energy-efficient lighting and solar panels for renewable energy generation. Water-saving measures and responsible waste management practices are also implemented to promote sustainable living.

The lodge’s cuisine focuses on organic and locally sourced ingredients, supporting local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. Savor delicious meals made with fresh produce that’s cooked in the flavors of the region.

Here, you can participate in numerous nature-based activities, including guided hikes, wildlife observation, and educational programs that promote environmental awareness. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the surrounding natural park in a responsible and sustainable manner.

With its commitment to sustainability and its breathtaking natural setting, Eco-lodge Mar De Fulles provides an eco-friendly haven for travellers seeking a unique and immersive experience in the heart of Valencia’s natural wonders.

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Hotel MiM Sitges & Spa (Sitges)

For a beach holiday that also supports sustainable tourism, check out Hotel Mim Sitges & Spa. Located in the coastal town of Sitges, this eco resort in Spain offers a perfect blend of relaxation and sustainability. 

The hotel incorporates energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly amenities, and responsible waste management practices to minimize its environmental impact. It also utilizes key card and motion-controlled sensors and implements water-saving measures to conserve resources and reduce its carbon footprint.

The hotel’s spa focuses on wellness and rejuvenation, offering organic treatments and therapies that harmonize with nature and prioritize natural ingredients. Hotel Mim Sitges also showcases a commitment to supporting the local community by sourcing fresh and local ingredients for its restaurant.

With its prime location by the Mediterranean Sea, Hotel Mim Sitges provides a serene coastal retreat where you can relax, enjoy the breathtaking views, and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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Eco Hotel Mundaka (Mundaka)

For a sustainable stay in the north of Spain, check out Eco Hotel Mundaka, located in the charming coastal town of Mundaka. This cozy hotel set in a restored historic building  is committed to providing guests with a memorable and eco-conscious experience along the stunning Basque coastline.

The hotel incorporates energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly amenities, and responsible waste management practices to minimize its environmental impact. It strives to reduce water consumption, reduce use of single-use plastics and promote recycling throughout the property, demonstrating a commitment to eco-conscious living. They also use organic cleaning products!

The hotel’s prime location by the coast gives you the opportunity to in the natural beauty of the Basque region. Explore the picturesque surroundings, enjoy stunning ocean views, and engage in outdoor activities that promote a connection with nature.

With its coastal charm and dedication to sustainability, Eco Hotel Mundaka offers is a lovely and eco-friendly retreat where you can relax, rejuvenate, and experience the beauty of the Basque coastline.

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Eco Resorts in Spain: Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any eco-friendly hotels in Spain?

Yes, there are many eco-friendly hotels in Spain. These hotels are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Some of the top eco-friendly hotels in Spain include Refugio Marnes in Alicante, Eco Hotel Mundaka in Basque Country, and Hotel MiM Sitges in Catalonia.

What are some eco-friendly resorts in Spain?

Spain has several eco-friendly resorts that offer sustainable tourism. Some of the best eco-friendly resorts in Spain include Marbella Club Hotel in Andalucia and Hotel MiM Sitges in Catalonia.

Which are the best eco-retreats in Spain?

Spain has many eco-retreats that offer a relaxing and sustainable vacation. Some of the best eco-retreats in Spain include Finca de Arrieta in Lanzarote, Mas Salagros Ecoresort & Aire Ancient Baths in Barcelona, and Cortijo del Marqués in Granada.

What is the most popular eco-holiday destination in Spain?

The most popular eco-holiday destination in Spain is Andalucia. This region offers a wide range of eco-friendly accommodations, including hotels, resorts, and retreats. Andalucia is also home to many natural parks and reserves, making it an ideal destination for eco-tourism.

Learn more about this beautiful region on our Andalucia travel guide. 

What are the top-rated eco-friendly accommodations in Spain?

Spain has many top-rated eco-friendly accommodations that offer sustainable tourism. Some of the best eco-friendly accommodations in Spain include Cuevas Helena in Andalucia, Mar de Fulles in Valencia, and Hotel Spa Sierra de Cazorla in Cazorla. 

Can you recommend an eco-friendly hotel in Barcelona, Spain?

Check out Hotel Brummell in Barcelona. This hotel is committed to sustainability and offers eco-friendly amenities such as organic toiletries and recycled materials in its decor. It also has a rooftop terrace with a solarium and an outdoor pool that uses saltwater instead of chlorine.

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