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Best Beaches in Cádiz to Visit (2024 Summer Guide)

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Cádiz may not be as well-known as its Andalucian sister cities Seville and Granada but it has to lot to offer. The city itself is known for its historic center – in fact, Cádiz is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe. But beyond its deep history, travelers also flock here for the beaches in Cádiz. 

As part of Spain’s beloved Costa de la Luz, Cádiz’s pristine beaches are definitely a must-see. Here are my picks for the best beaches in Cádiz that you should visit. 

10 Beautiful Beaches in Cádiz Spain

1. Playa de la Caleta

Urban beaches sometimes have a bad reputation but Playa de la Caleta might just change your mind. Located in the heart of the Cádiz, this beach was made famous in a James Bond movie — remember Halle Berry coming out of the sea in her orange bikini? 

While this beach is small, its fine white sand and beautiful blue waters make it a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. There are also many restaurants and cafes in the area. Don’t miss exploring the nearby Castillo de Santa Catalina (entry is free!), a old military fort that gives magnificient views of the sea, the beach, and the city. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to sunbathe, swim, or explore the local culture, this beach in Cádiz has something for everyone. Playa de la Caleta is walkable from the historic center and there are also buses serving the beach. 

2. Playa de la Victoria

Another beach in Cádiz that’s convenient to get to is Playa de la Victoria. Despite being popular with tourists, its beauty and charm will surely win you over. 

Here you’ll enjoy over 3km of shoreline and lots of sandy beach to sunbath, play, and simply soak in the sun. With numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to food and refreshments. 

Be sure to catch the sunset here — the view of the Cathedral with the gorgeous colors of the sky will take your breath away! 

To get to Playa de la Victoria, you can take a bus or train. If you’re driving, it takes only 10 minutes to get there from the city center. 

3. Playa de Cortadura

Adjoining Playa de la Victoria, you’ll find Playa de Cortadura, another great urban beach in Cádiz with a long stretch of shore. 

Like its neighbor, it’s close to amenities like restaurants and bars… but it tends to be a little less crowded, so it’s worth the extra walk here if you want a more peaceful experience. The sand dunes and fun wooden walkways add a unique touch to an already beautiful beach. Taking a long walk along this beach is a must-do! 

Playa de Cortadura is accessible by bus which makes for an easy day out. There’s also free parking along the street nearby. 

4. Playa Fuente del Gallo

The charming seaside town of Conil de la Frontera is home to a few lovely beaches. You can’t go wrong with any of them but in particular, I recommend going to Playa Fuente del Gallo. 

The dramatic seaside cliffs add a unique touch to this Cádiz beach, in addition to the white sand and crystal clear waters. Because it’s protected by the cliffs, it is a great beach to go when the other beaches get too windy. 

The secluded nature of this beach means that there are no amenities but in the summer, there’s a beach bar from which you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

Playa Fuente del Gallo (and the other beaches in Conil de la Frontera)  is best accessed by car and it takes about 50 minutes to get there from the center of Cádiz. 

5. Playa de Zahara de los Atunes

Located in the town of the same ame, Playa de Zahara de los Atunes is an unspoiled beach with over 5km of shoreline. 

This beach in Cádiz is great for a lazy day of sunbathing and playing in the water but if you’re looking for some action, there’s also lots to do. Water sports such as windsurfingand kayaking are popular here and you can also explore the nature trails in the area. Bird-lovers, be sure to keep your eyes open as this beach is home to several species of birds. 

If you’re up for it, head to the Camarinal Lighthouse at the end of the beach. Here you can enjoy the views of the Playa de Atlanterra on one side and the Cala del Cañuelo on the other. And on a clear day, you’ll get a magnificent view of Africa.

Playa de Zahara de los Atunes is about an hour’s drive from Cádiz. There’s also a bus that you can take, if you’re without your own wheels. 

cadiz beaches - playa de bolonia

6. Playa de Bolonia

When talking about the best beaches in Cádiz, I can’t miss out Playa de Bolonia. This spot in Tarifa is popular but certainly not overrated!

Here you can enjoy a long stretch of beach that overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and Morocco’s Tangier. Take a dip in the Atlantic, soak in the Spanish sun, and chill out at one of the bars by the beach. This beach near Cádiz is beloved by windsurfers and kitesurfers looking to catch their next wave so there’s always something fun happening on the water. 

Playa de Bolonia is also home to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia so don’t miss exploring the ruins and picking up a bit of local history. 

It’s best to have a car if you’re planning to visit this beach. It’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Cádiz and 30 minutes from Tarifa. There are also buses that can you there but it’ll take longer. 

7. Playa de la Barrosa

Take a short walk along the wooden staircase, go across the mighty sand dunes and you’ll arrive at Playa de la Barrosa, a long white beach in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera. 

Stretching 6km long, you’ll have loads of space for strolling along the shore, playing beach games, or simply sunbathing. With some restaurants and bars along the beach, getting food and drinks is easy and you can also rent sunbeds and parasols. For more active travelers, water sports can be done at this Cádiz beach.

Overall, Playa de la Barrosa is a beautiful and relaxing spot.It’s a 40-minute drive from Cádiz and there’s plenty of parking available. 

8. Playa El Palmar

Playa El Palmar has a hippy surf vibe which isn’t a surprise considering how it attracts windsurfers and kitesurfers. The waves and winds here are ideal for catching good surf and there are surf schools and rentals along this beach. 

Even if surfing isn’t your thing, Playa El Palmar has lots to offer. There are fun bars and restaurants along the beachfront as well as local markets. And of course the beach itself: unspoiled, long stretch of golden sand, and a wild natural beauty. 

Playa El Palmar is located in Vejer de la Frontera and it takes about 50 minutes to get there by car from Cádiz. 

9. Cala de Roche

For dramatic cliffs, turquoise waters, and golden sand, head to Playa de Roche. This stunning beach is the place to enjoy nature’s beauty. 

The beach is natural and unspoiled and has few amenities, so it’s best to come prepared with your own supplies. The wide stretch of sand is ideal for sunbathing, relaxing, or beach games. Note that access can be tricky as there are long steep steps to the beach. 

If you have the time, there are other gorgeous coves connected to Cala de Roche by walking trails. Don’t miss going to the viewpoint up on the cliffs for a spectacular view of the coast and cliffs — it’s especially beautiful at sunset!

This beach is located in Conil de la Frontera and it’s a 40-minute drive from Cádiz.

10. Playa La Pequeña Lulu

This hidden gem is part of Los Caños de Meca and as it’s located at the end of the stretch, it’s often less crowded. 

This small secluded beach boasts crystal clear waters, rugged rock formations, and fine white sand. Not only is this beach dog-friendly, it’s also popular with naturists due to its more hidden location. Access is tricky as the steps are steep but it’s worth the effort. 

While there are no amenities at this Playa La Pequeña Lulu, there’s a well-rated restaurant at the top of the cliff. 

This beach in Cádiz is best accessed by car and it takes about 1 hour to get here from the Cádiz city center. 

best beach in cadiz

Are you feeling inspired to visit these gorgeous beaches in Cádiz? I sure am! There’s definitely no shortage of beaches and coves in this area. If you want to beach-hop, the best way to do it is to rent your own car so that you have the flexibility to explore what Cádiz’s coastline has to offer. 

I hope you have fun seeking the sun in Cádiz!

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